Social emotional Learning


Social Emotional Learning in a school is vital to a child's education and development. Children need empathy and trust from their teachers. SEL should be used in the classroom daily as it helps keep students focused on learning instead of the many distractions they have in their lives. Using alternative discipline methods with less punitive strategies can help schools and students work together in harmony. We will help you build a program that empowers your staff students and parents.

Let us help you help them!

Child Advocacy


When you hire a good advocate, it is not just about having someone sit with you in meetings. You get someone that knows the IEP process and can help break through the barriers you feel restricted by.  We work together to develop a strategy for your child's unique situation.  We work together to expand the team to bring these needs to the forefront and bring your child's goals to reality.

In Home Counseling & Behavioral Assistance (IIC/BA)


IIC services is therapeutic and behavioral health services in your home through partnership with the Care Management Organization (CMO). We work with a team mentality through the wraparound model, ensuring you and your child are the center of our services.  

To obtain access to these services please contact PerformCare NJ at 1-877-652-7624